January 30, 2015

Variations in the Game of Croquet

In croquet, there are many variations to the game that have been adopted throughout the years that it has been played. Some of these adjustments have been made for the sole purpose of increasing the challenge and excitement in the game. Here are a few of those variations:

Dead Ball Option. In the dead ball option, players are allowed to croquet a ball only once between every wicket. This is irrespective of how many turns pass. This takes the difficulty level up a notch and ensures that players are given fewer extra strokes.

Poison. In ‘poison’, no teams are typically allowed. The game is played cut-throat. Once a player has completed a course, he or she does not leave the game. Instead, they become ‘poison’. Once that player hits another ball, it is immediately considered out of play. Once each player has been eliminated, the last player left standing on the field is declared the winner. The twist to this game is that if a poison player is found hitting a stake or going a wicket, they are immediately eliminated.

These are only some of the croquet variations that exist. Feel free to create your own the next time you play a friendly game of croquet. Game technology http://aggiecroquet.com/category/technology.

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